Posted by: First Mate | July 16, 2011

A Child’s Comment on the Moment

Recently, we had a fabulous trip sailing through the Panama canal and up the Pacific Coast of Panama on a friend’s new Sun Reef 63, Spartan Queen.  Will post details and photos soon.

Spartan Queen, Sunrise at Shelter Bay Marina

Today I will post the context of what my seven year old, Ruby, wrote her cousins on the trip.  The letter was either written on the boat or after we reached the city of David via a panga ride across a 10 mile open ocean channel and two miles up a large river outlet from Isla Parida to Pedregal.  I thought the adventure was fabulous and exciting, she however may have been exhausted and just a little bit overwhelmed.

Dear Jack, Sarah, Lizzie and Mary,

How are you doing? Did you know I am in Panama? Did you know to me Panama is like the “Hottest” place on earth? (to me)? I just went through the Panama canal. WARNING:  If you ever go to Panama, be sure to bring light clothes, mosquito spray and sunscreen. Bye.

Ruby S.

Watching dolphins on the sail from Flamenco Bay Marina to Isla Coiba

Her aunt wanted to send it back to me to put in a scrap book.  Should I push her to become a travel writer?  I know she had fun this just may not have been one of those time times?  It makes me smile – she is such a trooper.


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