Posted by: First Mate | June 24, 2011

Busy working here!

I know I am supposed to post about my latest firearms in Hawaii lesson today but I am not getting to it. PERIOD. I did make a loaf of olive bread today also.  Will let you know how that turns out. Maybe a photo?

I digress, as I am sitting at my desk busy at work when my husband, aka Captain, says “you are going to give yourself enough time to get the SCUBA tanks filled aren’t you?”

Me:  “I am baking bread and need to be here to take it out.”

Captain:  “I have been asking to get these filled for so long?”

Argh.  I don’t actually know how long it has been that he has been asking for this?  Before we left for Panama?  After we returned? What I do know is that I am not really interested in making time for this errand when I MADE OLIVE BREAD TODAY!  And will be doing a 2 mile swim.  And taking Ruby to the beach.  So do I forget? Or turn my world upside down to get the SCUBA tanks filled?

Please note, getting them filled means I will have to clean the bottom of the boat this weekend during the box jellyfish influx.  June Box Jellyfish Arrival Calendar for Hawaii 2011.



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