Posted by: First Mate | June 23, 2011

What happened to the Sandbar I remember?

Today my friend Linda told me about a woman mauled at the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar by 130 pound Bull Mastiff.  I looked up the article which I am posting here.  Mastiff Mauls Woman at Kaneohe Bay Sandbar

This incident happened while our news is covered with stories on how the Department of Land and Natural Resources  (DLNR) and state legislators are proposing bans on alcohol at the sandbar due to a recent death and numerous fights (okay brawls) at the Sandbar.  Bans to Sandbar activities   See the other post on support of proposed bans.

My question is:  What is going on with people?  We have boat and have a fairly strict policy related to alcohol.  We are responsible for anyone we take out on our boat.  Alcohol is only permitted at anchor or at the dock for those performing any duties on the boat.  We do not have a liquor license so no alcohol is provided for charters – ever.  Yes, people bring their own but they are generally smart enough to realize it is hot and alcohol affects you more in the sun and on the water. And as posted previously, the ocean can be very unforgiving.  [Dave Mackenzie (see post What are the Odds?) was an award winning open water swimmer who died of accidental drowning – maybe a shallow water blackout.]

All that being said – we also love animals and were partners in a ranch/farm that had many animals including two bull mastiff mixes.  (Chickens, horses, mules, donkeys, birds, dogs- it was sort of our Green Acres period – thank goodness we all survived it. LITERALLY! But I digress.) Animals are still animals – as humans, we should have the ability to perform rational thought.  (Drugs and alcohol can impair this ability.)  The dogs at the ranch needed more attention and activity.  Big dogs are like that. When we had a baby donkey named Daisy, the Bull Mastiff/Giant Schnauzer mix got out and literally mauled the baby donkey.  The mother donkey, Harriett, eventually kicked the dog, but by then Daisy’s diaphragm had been crushed and she died a slow and painful death with our neighbor, the vet and for a short time, I, standing over her.

We learned – we have enough on our plate with an Ecclectus Parrot, a seven year old, each other, a boat and several businesses.  Animals need attention, don’t take them on unless you can take care of them.  Accidents happen and so does stupidity.  That being said – whose dog was it?  It is a small island and I never want to go or take my child to the house with the released Bull Mastiff. And why weren’t they aware when the dog went tearing across the sandbar?  And why is our legislation so lame that because it was out of the jurisdiction of land – the sandbar is 1 mile off shore in Kaneohe Bay- that the dog was returned to the owner!!$$%^@???  The woman will be in the hospital for at least 3 days recovering and HOPEFULLY will NOT get a deadly infection that could kill or seriously maim her. (This will lead me to my next post on firearms in Hawaii and on boats.)

Life is short which is why you won’t see us at the Sandbar anytime soon.  I don’t need a drunk picking a fight, or a wonderful ‘pitt bull’ eating Ruby or Dee Bird.  (Dah-Bird in Hawaiian pigeon).  These people that have turned the Sandbar into a nightclub know who they are and this is what they want and you know what – you won!

See this post from Midweek 2005.  Best line ever – “Big sand bar parties only happens about twice a year,” says Inouye, whose VJ Crew organizes Rockstar Fridays. “I think for us, we’re done. It got too big too fast! For the safety of everyone it would be best to just keep with our little barbecues on the sand bar with our kids and a few close friends. No stress that way. God created the sand bar to relieve stress, not create more. It was fun, and many memories were made that will never be forgotten.”  You can have the Sandbar.  And the parties are every weekend – we can see from our house.

View to the Sandbar

And next time you are out there, please say a quick one – Namaste or whatever, for the Marine that died there this past March 28, 2011 in a helicopter crash while performing maneauvers.   Not really sure what to say for the recently deceased father of two, who was drunk and on cocaine when he picked a fight that ended in his untimely death a few days ago.

And if you have any interest in the statistics of morbidity and mortality involving boating and alcohol – you can find them here at Recreational Boating Accident Statistics and Trends.

And for those of you interested in visiting, Hawaii is beautiful.  And it is full or choke as we say, of dreamers and idiots.


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