Posted by: First Mate | May 4, 2011


This past weekend we had an interesting incident. We sailed out to watch the Lipton Cup and then went to anchor off Waikiki to swim and have lunch. Sailing in at about 8 knots I spot a swimmer off shore about 250 yards off our starboard bow at 1 o’clock.  He was in a white swim cap and white rash guard. Captain sees him and I head off to get the main sail ready to drop and check the anchor and windlass. I was busy, not watching the water in front of us and all the sudden hear a yell from the captain. “OH GEEZ, SWIMMER!”  There he was 30 feet ahead at 12 o’clock.

Captain turns to port and the swimmer barely peeks his head up as we whoosh past him about 15 feet from HIS SCALP!!! Captain, calls out “I missed you” as we try and regain our composure.

Yes, it was our fault, HOWEVER, basic rules about open water swimming do apply here. DON’T SWIM ALONE and WEAR A BRIGHT COLORED CAP.  Note to swimmers, white is not bright colored when the ocean is covered with white caps. Pardon the silly pun.

Here are some other tips on open water swimming.

See the PINK CAP


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