Posted by: First Mate | February 10, 2011

Sailing and Surf

I have to pass on this post/article from Outside Online with this Surfer\’s Photo Gallery on the North Shore of Oahu and its iconic surf culture.  I am not a surfer and hardly understand the culture of it.  After years of living here, I often find the beat up cars and “smoked out” surfers during the season annoying as they crowd the two lane highway watching for breaks and shouting out “hey brah” to the full time surfers leaving the beaches.   Despite my annoyance, the love of the ocean unites me with these sandy, tanned, muscled up creatures called surfers.  I am not tan or muscled up and prefer to swim the North Shore in the summer when it is still and flat like a lake and one wrong move won’t land you on the short trip into the jagged reef or an ICU.

Ruby has a different take on this.  She went to kindergarten across from Ehukai, also know as the famous “Pipeline.”  To her – the location and the culture are magical.  Many of her friends have parents who are devoted surfers and introduce their children to the sport at an early age.  This is something I both admire and question.  The ocean is so awesome,  anyway that we as humans can interact with it is wonderful and teaches us to both understand and take stewardship of it – which is desperately needed these days. 


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