Posted by: First Mate | October 20, 2010


Eventually I will get to a post on “fear” but for now I will pass on a video that Captain Ron forwarded us this morning.  The following video speaks for itself.

I also liked this one which was a little more local for Air Bender as we pass Point Panic going in and out of our harbor at Kewalo Basin.



  1. I’ve actually watched boats try to do this in surf out there. It’s crazy.
    On a different note: I’ve also watched many a Mai Tai cruise launch out at dusk and wondered what the draw to that is. Drinking alcohol – in the dark – on a boat – in the wavy surf. What is the draw so many tourists have to it?!

  2. Totally agree, I actually don’t get the draw of a booze cruise – maybe I know too much about boats or the ocean. There is a boat that goes out of Kewalo about 10pm every night called E Sea Rider that takes people out off Waikiki to drink and dance to rock music. I am a drink at anchor and at dock only kind of girl…. maybe a sip at other times but why risk it? Silly.

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