Posted by: First Mate | April 23, 2010

Marriage Savvy Technology for Boaters

Two seasoned and intelligent captains have advised me to invest in something called “wireless crew.”  I take all advice on cool gadgets with the attitude of let’s buy it and try it out.  When I mentioned this as a potential birthday present for my Captain, who is extremely tech savvy – he owns an environmental software company – he said he wasn’t interested.  A few days later some very fancy stainless steel mountable fishing rod holders and image stabilization binoculars were delivered to our PO Box.  Cool, birthday taken care of – I gave him a card, made his favorite citrus chiffon pie with Nilla Wafer crust and he got exactly what he wanted.

Today after reading a recent blog post, a friend and fellow sailor sends my Captain the following email:

Eartec – \”wireless crew\”

This is an important piece of equipment for boats of your size.  It makes anchoring and docking situations into quiet, civilized events where boat neighbors won’t even know what you’re doing.  Mother’s day is coming up and flowers die; chocolates make you fat; but this will make Mom’s life easier.

Mother’s Day falls on May 9th this year.  I will be doing a 1.6 mile open water swim with some friends.  The Popoia Swim

Not sure if Captain will be using this fancy device with the stand in first mate as they anchor off shore to watch us.  If I do get one for Mother’s Day I can pretty much guarantee that my first test sentence through the, hopefully hands free,  device will be “I ‘d like a large shake and a biggee fries with that please.”  After all “testing, testing” is so formal.

Captain doesn’t read this blog regularly – but maybe I should let him know he might a get a laugh out of it.



  1. Anne, that swim looks awesome! I’d do it but will be solo, husband out of town. Love the blog by the way.

    • If I can find some fabulous person to watch the girls, would you do it? And spouse owes you big time for heading out on Mom’s day. But I said nothing – except that it is an artificial, over-rated, consumer oriented holiday…. oh, and I still expect a gift and one meal out from my spouse even if the meal is Spam Musubi at a roadside stand and the gift is a new hose bib – it is the thought that counts.

  2. you are a hoot!

  3. LOL @ subtle Mother’s Day gift and well planned bday gift – I gotta try that swim!! Gosh you’re such a GREAT writer…that was a very enjoyable read!!! Looking forward to reading more boat adventures of the Great Copsey Family!

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